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Are you an avid hunter that is looking for a quiet way to get to and from your hunting locations, then you have come to the right place.  Today, we are going to review three of the best electric hunting bike brands.

Each of these manufacturers produces high-quality fat tire electric hunting bikes that you will be proud to own.  Let’s get started and learn more about these amazing ebikes.

Let's take a look at fat tire electric hunting bikes on the list.  You can't go wrong with any of these three electric hunting bike brands that we carry, but after the last 12 months or so a clear winner has stood out so at the bottom of this review we name our favorite.  So first off we have.....


When it comes to getting around in rough terrain all while not disturbing the wildlife, QuietKat bikes will get the job done!  You can choose from a large selection of fat tire electric bikes built specifically for hunting, it won't be hard for you to find one that fits your needs. Weather you enjoy hunting, camping, or simply riding off the trail, one of these bikes will be perfect for you. Designed to carry heavy loads, QuietKat bikes are perfect for installing trail cameras or simply scouting the landscape. 

QuietKat is often searched on the internet as "quiet cat" or "quiet kat" but there is only one Quietkat!

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QuietKat has 5 modes of assisted pedal power and full throttle capabilities, giving the rider a choice of power-assisted pedaling or full power without having to pedal at all. The digital display lets you easily access vital information such as how much battery life is left, distance, power control, and speed. Four and a half-inch wide knobby tread tires are ideal for gripping difficult terrain.

The easy-to-operate throttle makes traveling at an exact speed a cinch, plus disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels offer the control you need to navigate tricky terrain. The seat is adjustable to accommodate various-sized riders. The lithium battery charger completely recharges an empty battery in 6 hours. QuietKat includes a lifetime warranty against defective workmanship for the frame. All other components have a one-year warranty.


Another popular brand of eBike that is great for hunting is the Rambo brand.  These bikes are all made of high-quality materials that will last for many years.  Rambo has put a lot of time and money into the design of their bikes which really shows! Many of their bikes are geared toward hunters and some even come complete with a camo paint job.

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Rambo Bikes includes a one-year warranty for the frame and components.  Rambo Bikes comes out of true love for the outdoors. Tailored to fit the needs of hunters, these fat tire bikes are made for all-terrain, with emphasis on fields and woodland.  When you ride a Rambo, you are using a powerful, stealthy tool that allows you to travel whisper quietly into the woods to scout the land, carry gear, or simply enjoy the ride.


If you are looking for a combination of durability and affordability, then look no further than Bakcou.  Bakcou is newer to the electric hunting eBike market but they have done so much for the industry in a short amount of time.  Each bike that they produce is made from the highest quality materials and are more affordable than both Rambo Bikes and QuietKat. 

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While they are a lesser-known brand, Bakcou is making a name for themselves with the products they produce. Many would agree that Bakcou are the best bikes on the market for hunters today. They put a lot of work and effort into designing eBikes that hunters can actually afford without having to sacrifice quality.  Hunters will be happy to find that Bakcou have four different models to choose from and each with their own features.

Stay tuned for a more in depth overview!

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